The Linzhou Branch can Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2010, is a collection of scientific research, production and trade of high-tech enterprise. The company relies on advantages of scientific research and technical resources of the Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, mutual cooperation and common development, and the scientific research pilot, zoom in R & D base. The company is mainly engaged in the national strategic emerging industries - new energy materials, functional ionic liquid, the research and development of new electrolyte preparation.
Companies adhering to the "good faith, science and technology innovation, combination, striving for excellence, mutual benefit and win-win" Zunzhi excellence, rolling development, and to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign high-end scientific research institutions and high-tech enterprise, and continuously improve The level of scientific research and market competitiveness. To promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to promote the rapid growth of the country's economic development, the company with the Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly inaugurated a "green energy materials research and development base, the establishment of a long-term stable cooperative relations. September 2011, the company allowed Henan Chinese Academy of scientific and technological achievements transfer transformation center green chemical clean and energy engineering sub-centers ", focusing on functional ionic liquids, new electrolyte materials research and development of green energy, try to enlarge prepared to seize the commanding heights of international science and technology, to achieve national emission reduction targets, and to promote the fast line into green economy markets, provide technical support for the role of bridge and link. The company has been created in the ionic liquid preparation, energy conservation two scientific and technological achievements have been declared national patent.

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, Characteristics and application of ionic liquids
Ionic liquids are a class of emerging green medium entirely of organic cations and inorganic or organic anion, and thus has a low vapor pressure, non-volatile, non-flammable, easy product separation, wide electrochemical windows, good thermal stability and other characteristics of with the dual function of the "catalyst" and "solvent". The most prominent feature is that it has excellent "can be designed, according to the use of functions, obtained by molecular design suitable" functional "ionic liquid, such as an alkaline, acidic, magnetic, hand and the like. Another notable characteristic of the ionic liquids is a low volatility, and when in use can be effectively avoided volatile pollution caused by the use of conventional organic solvent, in the green, human health, and process safety and other aspects has incomparable advantages.
Domestic and international studies have shown that functional ionic liquids in electrochemical, petrochemical, renewable energy, coal chemicals, materials engineering and many other fields with tremendous application potential and value: (1) can be used in the production of ionic liquids in the field of electrochemistry, electrolyte, "Nano-aluminum, electrolytic aluminum, electrolytic magnesium; (2) as a solvent in the petrochemical field, can be used for desulfurization of crude oil / oil products, sulfuric acid, solvent can be easily recovered and reused, can effectively reduce the cost and energy consumption; as a catalyst, an important raw material used in chemical glycol / carbonate synthesis, high purity, low energy consumption and fewer emissions; absorbers, efficient absorption of methyl methacrylate synthesis intermediates can reduce the separation consumption; (3) in gas purification, may be an alternative to traditional absorbent for carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, organic recent trapping of the gas absorption and separation; (4) as the solvent, the ionic liquid is a cellulose (broad application a good solvent for the production of papermaking fiber membranes, polymers, paints, etc.), which can greatly reduce the high pollution and high energy consumption of the conventional method; ionic liquid can also be used for the catalytic degradation of waste plastics, instead of a conventional acid-base soluble salt catalyst, to achieve a higher degradation rate and The monomer easily recycled, high purity; (5) In the synthesis of the new material, the ionic liquid can be used for the synthesis of porous material such as zeolite, can achieve a continuous regulation of the pore structure.
My company has a high-quality R & D team, mastered the synthesis of ionic liquids, a series of key technologies and processes, is now enough for the synthesis of about 200 kinds of ionic liquids, and can be designed and prepared according to the needs of users.

Second, the lithium-ion battery electrolyte
The electrolyte is an important part of the lithium-ion battery, to a large extent determine the working mechanism of the battery affects the battery specific energy, security, magnification, storage and cost optimization of the electrolyte and Revolution The same battery development revolution.
Based on a strong R & D team development, development of mobile phones, laptops and other portable electronic products with electrolyte electrolyte, electric vehicles, power tools with the electrolyte. We developed the electrolyte can meet a variety of requirements of the user, for example, capacity-type electrolyte, life electrolyte anti overcharge electrolyte, large magnification electrolyte, flame-retardant electrolyte, anti-flatulence electrolyte as well as high-pressure electrolyte and can be adjusted according to the user's needs, the preparation of special features electrolyte.
Based on the ionic liquid, high conductivity, low vapor pressure, fluid Cheng width, and good chemical and electrochemical stability, non-polluting, etc. In addition to the above electrolyte, development of the functional type of the ionic liquid, the ionic liquid is added to the lithium-ion battery as solvents or additives in the electrolyte, can improve the high temperature performance of the battery and the cycle performance of the battery, in particular, can improve the safety performance of the battery. After repeated tests, the use of this new type of electrolyte can improve the battery charge and discharge, to increase the energy storage capacity of about 10-20%, and can broaden the range of adaptation of the battery temperature, the temperature environment of -40 --- +68 degrees battery still able to maintain a normal work, and can extend the service life of the battery, the battery can also be achieved by adding auxiliary materials flame retardant, explosion-proof, anti-charge new features to meet the market demand.